Obstacle Course Race

Have you done an obstacle course race before?
If you said “Yes” or “No” that’s great! You might be asking, “How do both answers work”?
Well, Grit ‘N Wit is the only obstacle course race to combine BRAIN and BRAWN! Over 3 miles participants must complete 20+ physical obstacles and mental challenges. In other words, for experienced racer’s here’s an event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! For first timer’s, here’s an opportunity to not only compete against people who do obstacle course races– but win!
Grit ‘N Wit is a unique, fun event that is the only competition, let alone obstacle course, that levels the playing field.

In a post event survey, over 90% of participants really liked or loved our last event! After listening to everyone’s feedback we intend for the next event on October 24th to be even better! 100% here we come!

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