About Us

It all started in 2011, when James graduated from law school.

Just weeks earlier he had spent hours a day in the library studying with his only exercise coming from ripping pages out of textbooks so other students were unable to study. Upon graduating he found himself with more free time on his hands and needed a new activity to occupy his time. He turned to obstacle course racing, a sport where people decided fun was climbing over walls, crawling under wire, and carrying heavy objects.

But for the long-distance drives to Massachusetts and Vermont, it was fun. At the time, obstacle course races in Connecticut were few and far between and he finally began to understand the meaning of the legal term forum non conveniens. James wanted to bring an event to his own backyard and address an important element that he found missing from traditional races … the mental aspect.

Races favored those who were quick and could lift things up and put them down. But what about a race that could level the playing field? A race that offered a unique, fun way to test individuals physically and mentally? A race that really determined if someone was the whole package? A race that James may actually have a chance of winning…if only for the fact that he designed all the mental challenges!

Thus, Grit ‘N Wit was born.

Grit ‘N Wit has grown up a bit, purchased an EZ Pass, and will visit 10+ states this year. James is a firm believer that no one should have to experience forum non conveniens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun event that builds four things – community, camaraderie, confidence and

You will have to overcome obstacles and challenges that at first may seem daunting. You will have to think outside the
box to solve puzzles. You will have to work together to complete the course. You will have to push yourself mentally
and physically.

“Most people never run far enough on their wind to find out they’ve got a second.”

-William James

Our Team

James and Ryan.

After completing the world’s largest maze and law school in the same year, James realized that completing something gritty and witty – at the same time – would be great!

After realizing that by being a part of Grit ‘N Wit he would have the opportunity to be in cool inspiration photos all the time…well let’s just say Ryan gave his employer his 2 weeks notice pretty quick!