What is Grit ‘N Wit?

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

At Grit ‘N Wit you have the opportunity to try something different. To push yourself physically and mentally. To overcome challenges and obstacles. And help your teammates accomplish the same.

This is an on-demand event, meaning WE BRING IT TO YOU, and customize the course to fit your campus. Participants generally compete as teams and run through and around campus working together to take on the 16 (or so) physical obstacles and mental challenges!

The course is to designed to build. Build a community. Build camaraderie. Build confidence. And build cleverness. You need all of those to succeed in life, and all of those to succeed on the course.


  1. This event is designed for everyone to have fun! The course is challenging, AND YET most individuals can do most, if not all, of the obstacles. Our goal is to provide a course that will push you but that can be completed.
  2. The inclusiveness is also amplified by the fact that half the challenges are physical and half are mental. Since your strength may be in one area in the other, you’re an essential component to your team’s success and your team is an essential component of your success.
  3. We come to you. No buses or transportation needed. We’ve set this up on dozen of campuses from NYC to Chicago to Buffalo to Maine, so we’ve seen it all. The obstacles are free standing so the campus will be in the same condition when we leave as when we arrived. If you don’t have the space, that’s ok, we’ve hosted a number of events offsite as well.
  4. We work with you to make the best event possible. Knowing that every school, organization and community is looking for something just a little different, we work with you to make sure the event is a huge success.
  5. You’re busy. And we know that. Therefore we try to make this as easy a process on you as possible. Waiver, registration (on-line and at the event) and insurance – we got you covered. Running of the event – we take care of that too.

If you’d like to learn more, great. Just go to the “Contact” tab at the top of the page, shoot us your email and we can email you the answer or set up a time to talk.