Grit ‘N Wit is here for you!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

At Grit ‘N Wit you have the opportunity to try something different. To push yourself physically and mentally. To overcome challenges and obstacles. And help your teammates accomplish the same.

Prove that you really are the total package, grit and wit.

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Rider UniversityRider University
Grit N Wit was a very well received program here at Rider University. Students were excited to participate, meet new people, and crossed the finish line with a smile and a good mental and physical workout. Working with the staff was a pleasure. We are looking forward to another great event next year during our Fall Opening Weekend!
Marywood UniversityMarywood University
The Marywood students loved the Grit and Wit course! It was the perfect mix of challenging and fun, and served as a great team builder that brought students, faculty, and staff together! We’d love to make it an annual tradition.
Hilbert CollegeHilbert College
Grit N’ Wit was everything we wanted and more! James, Ryan, and team were incredible, from set up, facilitation, and break down. They made the entire process of the event incredibly smooth. The students were really into it, so much that faculty and staff now want to form teams. I don’t hesitate to want them back next year.
Hartwick CollegeHartwick College
Grit 'N Wit is truly a package deal. The students who participated were excited to see such an event on campus and my staff was excited to see it come together. I saw students having fun while supporting and encouraging each other through the challenges. Grit 'N Wit was a great fit for our campus!
St. BonaventureSt. Bonaventure
Within student activities, we are always looking to try something new - Grit 'N Wit is just that! This physical and mentally challenging course provided a fun and engaging activity for students! Athletic teams also found this activity to be a great way to build camaraderie amongst teammates!
Fairfield UniversityFairfield University
Grit ‘N Wit was an exciting event which brought our Fairfield community together. Those who participated in the event absolutely loved it and we are looking forward to hosting another Grit ‘N Wit next year!”
Trinity CollegeTrinity College
Grit ‘N Wit was a great event for students, faculty and staff at Trinity. We look forward to having them back again!
University of New EnglandUniversity of New England
James and the Grit 'N Wit team were incredible to work with and provided the 300 students who participated in the event with an AWESOME and EXCITING race. Our students said that the Grit 'N Wit race was most definitely one of the BEST events ever held on campus!