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Grit ‘N Wit is a team competition where participants engage in mental and physical challenges. We level the playing field, creating an inclusive environment for participants of all ages and physical ability. We’re great for:

With an array of obstacles and puzzles, we’ll work with you and your layout, to make this a great event! Click Colleges or High schools to explore all of the ways we’re elevating the school and team experience.

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“Grit N’ Wit allowed us to not just reach our students who want sports based activities but also those who want puzzle and brain based activities. This allowed us to reach students we might not normally have with our traditional recreation programs.”

Rob Simels, Director of Recreation

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Grit ‘N Wit is fully customizable to fit your goals and space. You’ll choose the obstacles, puzzles, and general layout, and we’ll take care of the rest. We even have themed events! (click for High School & College themes)

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Grit ‘N Wit is changing the game – by creating connections with classmates and shared experiences that last a lifetime!