What is Grit ‘N Wit?


As many of us know firsthand, most students graduate college without having all the skills necessary to succeed in our rapidly changing world. You may learn plenty of book smarts in the classroom, but you also need soft skills that never show up on a syllabus.

To help students succeed in life, Grit ‘N Wit creates and hosts custom events like camp team building activities to challenge people physically and mentally. Our events foster teamwork, a growth mindset, and perseverance, so students are better prepared to take the world head-on.

And because our on-demand courses combine obstacles and puzzles to test both grit and wit, everyone has a great time. Truly everyone can participate, as teams work together and lean on each other’s strengths to complete each obstacle. Students cross the finish line with strengthened relationships, more pride in their school and themselves, and excitement for the next event.

Grit ‘N Wit at a Glance