Grit N’ Wit allowed us to not just reach our students who want sports based activities but also those who want puzzle and brain based activities. This allowed us to reach students we might not normally have with our traditional recreation programs.

Rob Simels, Director of Recreation

Students loved how unique this course was by incorporating both mental and physical challenges. It was great to watch students and staff get to know one another, as they laughed and worked together to successfully complete the course.

Casey Kensey, Assistant Director of Student Center

I appreciated that it was a full service experience so we could just focus on promoting the event. The guys did everything and made it very easy for us, and we had an overall great experience. We look forward to having them back.

Ellen Lentine, Student Activities Associate Director

We ran a survey after the event and it confirmed our thoughts – students loved Grit ‘N Wit! It was a great event not only from the student’s perspective, but also ours as everything was so easy and well run administratively.  They laid out expectations at the beginning, met all of them, and were great to work with!

Tony Goldston, Assistant Athletic Director of Recreation Programming

Coordinating with Grit ‘N Wit to host an event on campus was a breeze! They took care of all logistics for the event and made the process entirely seamless. Very little work for us with a very big student turnout – we will definitely be inviting Grit ‘N Wit back to campus this year!

Alissa Schweitzer, Assistant Director for Student Engagement

This event is one of the best ways to get students from different grades to work together and overcome challenges!

Len Williamson, Dean of Students