Unique, Fun, & Engaging

Your campus is a place where students should be outside, active, having fun, and connecting with others! Grit ‘N Wit helps them unplug from social media, and engage with other students.

  • Multifaceted marketing plan, including paid social media ads and custom hype videos to reach the students
  • An inclusive event in which students who gravitate toward the physical or the mental, can expand their horizons

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“We ran a survey after the event and it confirmed our thoughts – students loved Grit ‘N Wit! It was a great event not only from the student’s perspective, but also ours as everything was so easy and well run administratively.  They laid out expectations at the beginning, met all of them, and were great to work with!”

Tony Goldston: Assistant Athletic Director – Recreation Programming

Inclusion is the Main Event

Your campus is a place for inclusion and diversity, and with Grit ‘N Wit’s physical and mental challenges, you bring students together from all walks of life.

  • Turn-key support, from planning to execution
  • A customized obstacle course
  • Included marketing tools and promotional items
  • Support for ensuring students show up ready to participate

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“For years we hosted our own homegrown “olympics” for first year students during opening weekend. After working with Grit N’ Wit, I do not think we will ever go back to managing an event on this scale on our own! On the craziest weekend of the year, it was so refreshing to have a program like this that was a win and easy to make happen! Our students responded so well and built connections with each other and the college right from the start. We look forward to having them back next year!”

Tiffany Brodner, Associate Director of Student Life

Greek Week will Never be the Same

Grit ‘N Wit is changing Greek traditions across the country.

  • Healthy and fun competition. All bets are off when Fraternity or Sorority pride is on the line.
  • Promote friendship, achievement, leadership and development. 
  • Unite large groups of students. As an inclusive event in which ANYONE can participate, getting a large group of students together is a piece of cake.

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Grit ‘N Wit was everything we wanted and more! James and team were incredible, from set up, facilitation, to break down. They made the entire process of the event incredibly smooth. The students were really into it, so much that faculty and staff now want to form teams. I don’t hesitate to want them back next year.”

Tommy Vane, Director of Student Activities at Hilbert College

Energize your Healthy Rivalries

Red Sox v. Yankees. Lakers v Celtics. Frazier v. Ali. Rivalries not only help strengthen a community around a common interest, but also elevate levels of achievement. So, who’s your schools’ rival? Ready to prove once and for all that you’re grittier and wittier?

  • Include your entire school in the rivalry! You don’t have to be the starting quarterback to participate!
  • Rivalries also strengthen communities by creating traditions. 

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Grit ‘N Wit is not like anything we have had at New England College. James and his team worked really hard to make sure all of our questions were answered ahead of time and worked with the layout we were able to provide for the course. This event perfectly tied in with another event we were running on campus, and our students absolutely LOVED participating in Grit ‘N Wit!

We will definitely be bringing this to campus again; our students have already been asking for it!

Megan Hotaling, Director of Student Engagement at New England College

Building Strong Teams

Let’s take an RA. How many issues does she have to solve on a daily, weekly, monthly, semesterly basis? Does it sometimes become overwhelming as there are so many things going on? Are her RA issues radically different from fellow RA’s? Would it be beneficial for these RA’s to effectively communicate with one other?

And that’s where Grit ‘N Wit comes in. By creating a bond among a team early on you have created a level of familiarity and confidence with one another. Strong teams ask for help. Weak ones don’t.

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“Eastern students loved how unique this course was by incorporating both mental and physical challenges. It was great to watch students and staff get to know one another, as they laughed and worked together to successfully complete the course.”

Casey Kensey: Assistant Director of Student Center at ECSU

De-Stress Your Students

Finals are naturally stressful. There’s no way around that, but there is a way to help them perform better – by helping them step away for 30 minutes.

The mental aspect of Grit ‘N Wit promotes the creation of new brain cells and improves general brain performance. The physical aspect helps relieve stress and clear your student’s heads.

It’s short enough to make attendance easy, and long enough to positively impact their mental acuity and emotional stability.

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“Coordinating with Grit ‘N Wit to host an event on campus was a breeze! They took care of all logistics for the event and made the process entirely seamless. Very little work for us with a very big student turnout – we will definitely be inviting Grit ‘N Wit back to campus this year!”

Alissa Schweitzer, Assistant Director for Student Engagement

Winter is not for Hibernating

Winter is here, and the need for student engagement, teambuilding, and health & wellness is as important as ever.

  • The weather outside is frightful… So, let’s take the action inside! Grit ‘N Wit is adaptable to different settings, and only takes a few hours to set up.
  • With many activities for students off the table in the winter, they’re much more eager for a school event. It’s a great way to get students engaged and buying into school sponsored programs.

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Make Summer Fun Again

For students in TRiO programs and in Upward Bound, college campuses are their home for part of the summer.

Our goal is to help instill some of the same lessons of TRiO and Upward Bound by helping them develop a growth mindset in a fun, unique way.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” And by doing something they previously thought challenging (either the obstacles or the puzzles), we’re helping your students achieve outside the classroom.

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“Based on our collected data from our assessment and qualitative feedback, the Grit ‘N Wit event was a HUGE success! 95% of our participants reported that they had an excellent or good experience and strongly agreed that Grit ‘N Wit should be part of future EOF Summer Academy programs

Gilly Scott, Service Learning Coordinator at Monmouth University

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