The Course

Grit ‘N Wit events are 100% customizable and can accommodate any space, age group, and fitness level. We will visit your site to put together a course to suit all your needs.

The average race has 16 obstacles and ranges in length. It can span the distance of a 5K or fit entirely onto a football field.

Grit obstacles test your strength, balance, agility, and coordination, and include Rise Over Run, Over Under Through, and Traverse. Wit puzzles challenge your memory, problem solving, spatial awareness, and even math skills.

Everyone can conquer all of obstacles, especially with the help of friends. All of the obstacles are also free-standing and can be set up indoors or outdoors without leaving a mark. We set them up, take them down, and run the entire event (including the music) while you chill.

Rise Over Run

Over, Under, Through