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College of New Jersey

Grit N’ Wit allowed us to not just reach our students who want sports based activities but also those who want puzzle and brain based activities. This allowed us to reach students we might not normally have with our traditional recreation programs and had a great afternoon with not only students but faculty and staff as well.

College of New Jersey
|Director of Recreation|College of New Jersey

Drew University

Hosting Grit N Wit was a very positive experience for students, staff, and programmers at Drew! The event was accessible to everyone and fostered an accommodating, accepting, and fun environment. The Grit N Wit team, James and Ryan, were easy to work with and extremely helpful for all aspects of the event. The students that attended had very positive comments and those who could not attend were enthusiastic about having Grit N Wit return!

Drew University
|Student, Member of Student Activities Team|Drew University


The Dorian J Murray Foundation and it’s runners had so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again! The Grit N Wit team made everything seamless from setting up, to breaking down. All the participants came through the finish line with a smile on their face and talked about how cool it was! Great job Grit N Wit, thanks for making our first 5k a success!!

Dorian J Murray Foundation
|Vice President of #dstrong|Dorian J Murray Foundation

Hilbert College

Grit N’ Wit was everything we wanted and more! James, Ryan, and team were incredible, from set up, facilitation, and break down. They made the entire process of the event incredibly smooth. The students were really into it, so much that faculty and staff now want to form teams. I don’t hesitate to want them back next year.

Hilbert College
|Director of Student Activities|Hilbert College

Everything we do stems from our belief that Grit “AND” Wit should not be an either or focus. The fastest kid on the track. The smartest kid in the classroom. Society is focused on just one slice. Yet, except for a small subset of the population, the total size of BOTH slices is what determines your success. And we want people to be successful! Therefore, it is our belief that if you change the focus, you can change the future.

We just happen to do that by hosting challenge course events.

By having a unique, fun, on-demand event that tests peoples brain and brawn with obstacles and puzzles, we’re able to provide an amazing experience for everyone and anyone. And it seems to be catching on!

After hosting their first event in 2014, Grit ‘N Wit now hosts more than 60 events in 10 states, annually, and is expanding every month.

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